Caregivers at Imagine Early Years & Elementary School

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Imagine Early Years & Elementary School - At Imagine E & E, we believe our role as the more knowledgeable individuals is to help the children develop critical thinking skills.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Caregiver

Location: Maitama, Abuja (FCT)
Employment Type: Full Time

Job Purpose Including Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide responsible care for children
  • Treat all children with care and compassion
  • Uphold all safety standards
  • Maintain a clean, sanitary, and orderly classroom
  • Maintain a professional attitude, respecting family privacy at all times
  • Prepare nutritional food choices for children and encourage them to try new things
  • Provide enriching educational activities
  • Lead songs and learning exercises
  • Provide structure and accountability in a compassionate fashion
  • Help children with toileting/diaper changes as needed
  • Design and implement educational, age-appropriate activities
  • Encourage children to participate in all activities
  • Help children learn to be “helpers” in the classroom, as appropriate
  • Contact parents as needed to address challenges
  • Remain in constant contact with families of children via newsletters, conferences, etc.
  • Provide many opportunities for children to learn and develop age-appropriate skills.

Provide a Structured and Caring Environment:

  • Child caregivers, plan, supervise, and implement a structured learning environment that allows young children to explore their interests. For example, they may read and play with toddlers to introduce social skills such as manners.
  • They help young children learn through creative group activities.

Maintain Child Hygiene:

  • Child caregivers are required by law to maintain a safe, sanitary, and clean environment for the children under their care. When needed, a caregiver may change the diaper of an infant or toddler.
  • They may need to help a young child go to the bathroom. Throughout the day as kids play, child caregivers make sure their environment stays neat and may enlist the children’s help to keep this standard.

Prepare and Organize Snacks:

  • A child caregiver ensures that the children they take care of have enough to eat.
  • They normally prepare and organize mealtimes and snacks for kids.
  • Great child caregivers prepare nutritional food selections for children and encourage them to try new things.

Supervise Play and Rest:

  • Since play is so important for the healthy psychological development of children, child caregivers combine playtime with other instructional strategies to aid this development.
  • Caregivers create routines to make sure that children have a balanced amount of physical activity, rest, and playtime.
  • While children are playing with each other, caregivers monitor for any safety concerns.

Communicate with Staff and Parents:

  • Child caregivers are responsible for carefully watching for any signs of emotional or developmental issues with children. When they notice something amiss, they must bring it to the attention of a child’s parents or the appropriate team leader.
  • A primary goal of a child caregiver is to create a positive relationship with parents, children, and other staff. They engage in active communication to help keep children safe and make them feel cared for.

Application Closing Date
30th June, 2021.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV and Cover Letter to: [email protected] using "Caregiver" as the subject of the mail.