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NIMC Aptitude Test Questions, Answers and Format

Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 - --- (51 comments)

The NIMC examination began on the 23rd Feb. 2013 at various centers and states and it is still going on. This is some of the information shared on our site by candidates that had written the NIMC Aptitude Test. This is just to guide candidates that are yet to write the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Aptitude Test for NIMC Recruitment 2012/2013. Copied from:

The NIMC aptitude test is a Computer Based Test (CBT), according to an experienced candidate the test is objective questions containing 15 quantitative, 15 verbal, 10 logic, 10 current affair all to be answered in 50 minutes. Copied from:

Below are questions and answers given to some candidates who sat for screening test.

NB: This is just to feel what the questions are like and not that these questions will be repeated.


1.)  A rancher is building a straight fence by stringing wires together, between posts twenty-five meters apart. If the fence is 100 meters long how many posts should the rancher use?

Ans: Five

2. Which of the five is least like the other four: A. Copper. B. Iron. C. Brass. D. Lead?

Ans: Brass

3. If you rearrange the following letters “PETJIRU” you’ll get the name of a: Copied from:
 A. Country.
 B. Ocean.
 C. Planet.
 D. Animal.
 E. City.

Ans: Planet

4. Answer in ten seconds: Could David’s grandmother’s daughter be David’s grandmother?

Ans: Yes

5. Complete the series: 5,7,10,14,_,_.

Ans: 19, 25

6) If 950 is shared between musa and idris at ratio 3:5 how much idris get?

Ans: 593.75

7) 7+2/15+3/4+7/4 get d ans in decimal

Ans: 1.975

8) What is the least fraction between 9/19, 8/18, 5/9, 8/26

Ans: 8/26

9) The age of the girls in a class are 15,12,13,11 what is their median age?

Ans: 12.5

10) If a clock is at 11o'clock it is at what degree

Ans: 330

Under logistic, candidates are ask the following question

1. Who is hosting 2014 soccer world cup. 

Ans: Brazil

2. Who is d senate president and speaker of house of reps.

Ans: David mark and Tambuwal

3. How many senators and house of reps do we have.

Ans: 109 and 360

4. Chair person of African union?

Ans: Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn

5. DG of NIMC.

Ans: Chris Onyemenam

6. What is the former name of NIMC.

Ans: Department of National Civic Registration (DNCR)

7. The athletes with d highest medals in Olympic history?

Ans: Michael Phelps

After the test each candidates are to under go verification using a valid ID such as drivers licenses, international passport, etc some centers also did biometric verification.


Comments (51)

No. 1
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 06:34:55 GMT by yetunde

what a rubbish,some people have done there own exam,u people are nw giving graduates d clue to there test,what a corrupt country?.u people are doing fake recruitment
No. 2
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 06:39:47 GMT by ade

Hello Yetunde, are u angry u didn't get dis on time?
No. 3
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 06:55:18 GMT by Anthony

Its totally wrong to do this
No. 4
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 07:18:05 GMT by Damope

More of dis pls
No. 5
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 07:18:07 GMT by baye

We hv 109 senators not 108. That is 3 from each states plus 1 from FCT.
No. 6
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 07:34:15 GMT by Kemi

This is really going to be helpfull.It might evn be in other companies aptitude test that such or Similar question could come from.please keep this up.thanx to those that shared this but its nt complete.
No. 7
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 07:38:35 GMT by Kayode

Even if you score everything, what is the guarantee that you are going to get the job and don't be suprise that people who never wrote the aptitude test will get the job. But giving them exams clue defeat the objectives and its purposes, people like this starts cheating from schools.
No. 8
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 07:43:47 GMT by uloma

This is nice, but is it really brazil that is hosting the next soccer world cup?
No. 9
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 08:18:55 GMT by baye

Admin thx 4 ur good works. Keep it up
No. 10
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 08:27:28 GMT by Odumukwu Kenneth

d test never guarantee one for d job. only d well of God lift one frm no connection to d top. be spiritual as u seek 4job and ignor d ways of d flesh..d best destiny ll be ur portion in jesus name..
No. 11
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 08:31:28 GMT by emmanuel

Yetunde, it is your luck. It is either you pass or you fail. God will help you.
No. 12
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 08:33:48 GMT by KUNLE

No. 13
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 08:41:38 GMT by Alvin

It's God alone that can put an end to the employment crises of the Nation. Nigerians should wake up,they should should be posting graduates to offices for immediate employment, instead of the so called nysc programmme.
No. 14
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 08:41:41 GMT by peter O

some further question they asked
1) who will host the next Africa Nation Cup? ans = Cameroun
2) a car is 2/3 empty and 25 galoon of fuel was used to fill it. each galoon contain 6 ltres of fuel. how many litres does the car take to be fill altogether?
ans = 225.
3) which yr was NIMC came to be? ans = 2007
4) who is the minister of educatio? ans Rufai Ruquayatu.
this qustion was for day 3 of the exams 25/02/2003.

No. 15
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 08:43:44 GMT by Eno Ema Okon

This is absolutely evil and morally unacceptable. What a Country? This should had come in a form of a tutorial before or after the exams and not when the so called NIMC is still on course because I know vividly that a set is writing that same exam across the Country tomorrow, being 28th of Feb.,2013. May God help Nigeria!
No. 16
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 09:04:58 GMT by Pedro

Pls the next Afcon will be hosted by morocco nt cameroon
No. 17
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 09:15:01 GMT by Ozoemena

Thanks for NIMC bcos they are well organised
No. 18
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 09:26:59 GMT by clement

Why are you all making so much fuss about this exam of a thing. I am glad a whole lot of you who don't want to study are going to fall prey to these sample questions. Each tests vary for each time slot and date. So i'll advice you all who are yet to sit for it to go and make adequate preps for the exam. All the best y'all.
No. 19
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 09:38:12 GMT by aidee

PLS MA CENTER IS " ETC Center, Ikeja, Lagos, No 1, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State. HOW DO I GET THERE FROM MARYLAND IN LAGOS. tnx
No. 20
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 09:40:49 GMT by Georgio Armani....

All of you who are angry cos of this question and answer are all enemies of progress, and this has nothing to do with NIMC, they've tried to make it computer based to avoid lickage. and it;s not a crime for Hotjobs to publish the questions on here for people to read and have an idea of what the questions are, all of you complaining what makes you feel the question would be repeated, why panting and ranting for an irrelevant course that wouldn't make any difference, why not save yourself the strength and use it for something else that would be profitable to you, if you are complaining why do you source for materials to read before an exam.. NIGERIAN HOT JOB. nice thing you did......
No. 21
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 09:48:31 GMT by youknow

i have like and respected this site, not be you show people ''Answers to Question'' but because you update people with latest jobs vacancies, but this one is way beyound your limit, but you disappoint me. I hope you dont go DOWN for this silly mistake. . . . . .
No. 22
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 09:53:12 GMT by Samson

Dont b suprise dat those who scored less will get d job as it was done for police ict recruiyment last year where somebody who has no relevant qualification was invited for medical test and those with d required qualification and scored high mrk never received any test invitation. Only God can help us in ds nation.
No. 23
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 10:11:04 GMT by Sanusi

This is not a good way to help the poor unemployed graduates at all. What about those of us who have writen this same set of questions and got some of them wrong?
No. 24
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 10:16:25 GMT by Ose

Aidee, to get to your test centre: take a bus to Ikeja under bridge (Computer Village) the building is a little bit after the round about..
No. 25
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 10:27:49 GMT by Adesina

Thanks for the info.......i wrote on day 3...... I miss only 3 questions
No. 26
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 12:47:05 GMT by doyin

Hi guys i was supposed to sit 4 d test on sunday but i missed it i don't know if i can still go to d center n i wiLl b allowed to sit 4 d test.

No. 27
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 12:55:22 GMT by Samson

This is not just fair....dts almost d exact que we were askd on day 3.....D test ws nt wel organizd, ow can various time answer d same questions, its nt just fair @ALL....aLL CHEATS.....May God help us...
No. 28
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 13:34:20 GMT by Innocent

I am highly disappointed with what you guys have done. With this alone the test can be outrightly cancelled for leakage of questions. I can't imagine some so-called graduates appreciating this kind of dastardly attitude by whomsoever, individual or corporate entity that did this. No wonder so many find it difficult on the job. It even shows how so many graduates were able to pass thier exams while in school.
No. 29
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 16:02:21 GMT by Esimaje Amotsuka

Am not surprise education is in a state of decay and getting answers before the exam is our trade mark. Let me make it clear here that we are the problem not those politicians at the top because we are greater than them in number. My experience in Ilorin revealed that a vast majority of applicants are not computer literate.
No. 30
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 16:41:58 GMT by paul

Pple should not confuse this for Exam. malpractice but to guide u on what type of questions to be asked. This is not a a crime because those that are preparing for UME exams are also have past question papers for revision and that does not mean they will repeat the questions. Thank you
No. 31
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 17:14:09 GMT by Chizaram

CBT Questions are alwayz online 4 prep in d western world.most times,d same questionst are repeatd.dt does nt mean corruption.get exposed fellow nigs!after all,examiners hv yardstick 4 measuring performance.gdluck!
No. 32
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 20:15:57 GMT by Jane

But all the u should have allowed the exam to finish. if you are giving clue to those that have not written the exam, they will concentrate their prep towards those aspects and it is not fair on those that have written already.
No. 33
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 21:27:21 GMT by Efigbo

hmmm, can't stop hitting my head on the floor while laughing, lolssss, more pls, lolsssss. Pls more.
No. 34
Posted on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 23:37:11 GMT by Excel

what a Pity! My ppl, if una like, make una de cry 4leakage or sealing. Who go get d Job go get am. Shikena!!! LoL. Wat a pity n waste of time
No. 35
Posted on Thu 28th Feb, 2013 05:33:48 GMT by oge

I wish all dat hv wrritten and those who will write they own exam Good luck, God will Surely see us thrrough.
No. 36
Posted on Thu 28th Feb, 2013 10:05:39 GMT by Kennis

In my own opinion, this is morally wrong and tarnishes the image of The person that unveiled examination on line and alll his cohorts should know that the whole world is seeing this and it doesnt tell good of us as Nigerians
No. 37
Posted on Thu 28th Feb, 2013 11:27:23 GMT by Sambo

Know that Aptitude test in Naija is for Formality. Employment has been done for long. So don't blame the the Guy. it is for learning purpose.
No. 38
Posted on Thu 28th Feb, 2013 11:47:01 GMT by Oriolowo

I must confess to you, the idea is very good but the handler of the aptitude test did not implement it well.How come those who are for 10am in the morning are doing it by 5pm in the evening.When would those for 11am,12noon,1pm, 2pm,3pm and 5pm would enter and do theirs.
Again, nowing fully well that the place of doing the exams for some have been changed by NIMC. Some were posted to Ikeja from the East or Northern part of the country.Let us learn how to do thing right,it is beyond apology at the wee hour of the day.Pls NIMC improve on this nice standard u are trying to build. It is well.
No. 39
Posted on Fri 01st Mar, 2013 07:57:35 GMT by odionyemfe kalu

This entirely exposes evidence of hopeless in this Nimc test. How could you give a test and still give the answer before the test? Does it mark any meaningful meaning? You are just fulfiling all righteousness. You hav already selected the candidates of ur choice. pls stop deceiving pple. Ok? Nigeria wil be better soon.
No. 40
Posted on Fri 01st Mar, 2013 12:48:19 GMT by IBORO

How could they have done this?. Its really unfair to those who have written the test before the arrival of the so called exam clue. Its indeed a big question mark on the intergrity of the organisation.
No. 41
Posted on Tue 05th Mar, 2013 08:40:21 GMT by Nwosu lilan Ada

Jehovah is the righteous judge
No. 42
Posted on Mon 11th Mar, 2013 10:16:36 GMT by 3triple C

Nijaaa,we get angry with d wrong ppl..NIMC no get sense,dem no know wetin internet be..they shuld change quests as often as possible anyway if did guy no post answer 200 other pple go post.wat wiLl be urs will be urs. Guy de do ur thing go jare...power of the wide
No. 43
Posted on Mon 11th Mar, 2013 17:30:06 GMT by Succeedvita

Am invited 2 write Nimc exam on saturday,anyone get information on d nature of d exam
No. 44
Posted on Tue 12th Mar, 2013 00:53:22 GMT by peter

I got a test on how to request for a make-up test since I missed the last test. I was directed to send sms in this format: ARN#LOCATION and send to any of the following numbers; 0807440706, 08100444333,08183488285:
No. 45
Posted on Tue 12th Mar, 2013 01:02:47 GMT by Peter

I also got a feedback reply that i have been scheduled to take the test between 16/03/2013 and 17/03/2013 and further details will be communicated. pls does anyone know wether i will get sms indicating the exact date, venue,exam number etc. hope to get useful info before the said date; my email is Thank you.
No. 46
Posted on Sun 09th Mar, 2014 15:59:17 GMT by YUNUSA YUSUF

No. 47
Posted on Fri 09th May, 2014 11:16:01 GMT by mmaduabuchi

plsss i am going for de 2014 section,hw can i get de real questions
No. 48
Posted on Sat 13th Sep, 2014 12:08:35 GMT by olubukola akin

i love dis but could u pls text me d previous tescom aptitude test to dis no 08035083161 Or my to my mail.
No. 49
Posted on Tue 18th Nov, 2014 05:09:26 GMT by nnamdi

pls am goin for 2014 navy test can i get som i beg
No. 50
Posted on Tue 18th Nov, 2014 05:09:29 GMT by nnamdi

pls am goin for 2014 navy test can i get som i beg

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