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80% Job Seekers Failed NNPC Test

Posted on Thu 18th Aug, 2011 - --- (104 comments)

NNPC Recruitment - The Group Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Austen Oniwon, is worried over the dwindling standard of education in Nigeria. He said yesterday that 80 per cent of job seekers failed the corporation's recruitment test.

Group General Manager (GGM), Group Public Affairs of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Dr. Levi Ajuonuma, who represented him at the grand finale of the 2011 NNPC annual quiz competition in Abuja, called for a review of the nation’s education system due to the mass failure at ordinary level examinations.

But the Educational Adviser to the United States, Mallam Dalhatu Hamza, told students that the US has earmarked $2.7million as scholarship to brilliant Nigerians students this year.
Hamza challenged the students to face their studies squarely, adding that handsome rewards are available for excellence.
He told the competitors that the US had already earmarked $2.7million as scholarship to excellent Nigerians this year.

On the declining standard of education, the GMD said: "The recent mass failure of candidates in WAEC and NECO exams nationwide makes the call for an urgent surgical review of our schools system more urgent than envisaged.

"Also our current experience in the ongoing recruitment exercise where candidates with the so-called 2:1 certificates post less than 20 per cent score line in some cases has heightened our apprehension about the lack of functionality in our education format. Over dependence on certificates is not the best. Over 80 per cent of the candidates  who wrote the NNPC recruitment exams failed," he said.
He advised the students to tailor their careers towards valuable courses.
Oniwon also advised the competitors to embrace hard work if they want to work in corporations.

News culled from The Nation Newspaper

Some interesting comments from readers are below:

1.) Ifeanyi King: The GMD NNPC,with all due respect should also put into consideration the 'assisitance' of the corporation in failing the job seekers. In a situation where some candidates already have the answers to the questions is appaling. More worrisome is the trend of passing some candidtaes who never applied/sat for the test in the first place.

In some cases,the corporation presents question papers that are rarely illegible and u expect those 2.1 students to do magic and score 80%? We should be more worried about SOME of the 20% that made the test and probe the 'how they made the test'. This is of course Nigeria!

2.) Ezemdi Uwalaka: Why would 80% of the candidates not fail?, when the exam was poorly organized and was written in the night, candidates (Port Harcourt Centre) were using cell phones with torchlight to write an exam.
What a shame from NNPC and Philips Consulting.


Comments (104)

No. 51
Posted on Sat 20th Aug, 2011 11:44:55 GMT by mike ottih

Honestly, this mass failure in NNPC APTITUDE TEST is quite appalling. It is an eye opener .Nigerian employers,institutions and corporations should learn to de-emphasize paper qualifications. The educational standards have no doubt fallen drastically to an abysmal level. Some people buy their way through our universities and end up with fantastic certificates nay unmerited.It is because such people know that our system hail paper qualification and reward them with good jobs.Therefore, we must understand our system, play down paper qualification and harp on individual proficiency and good aptitude...
No. 52
Posted on Sun 21st Aug, 2011 00:51:50 GMT by tact

we should ask ourselves if they are going to recruit all the 20% that supposedly pass.if the answer is no, then that implies that more than 80% will 'fail' eventually. of course, this is Niger where merit has been sacrificed on the alter of politics,federal character and who you are connected with.No country ever move forward with that kind of attitude, and the all round failure of NNPC is a testimony to that. Granted that they could not fix our refineries because the technicalities involved is more than what they have the brain to handle, how about selecting the right company to handle the tests? if you ask me, i will say that NNPC itelf has failed the nation in a bigger way.
No. 53
Posted on Sun 21st Aug, 2011 11:40:58 GMT by scil

2:2 graduates seem to be happy with this outcome thinking this would open more doors and enlarge their oppurtunities with the multinationals. 1:1 & 2:1 blame politics and godfatherism We should be speaking in one voice asking what the cut off really is and requesting for publication of the result. The fact that someone does not meet up with cut off doesn't mean he/she failed. In as much as we are divided, our leaders will continue to cheat us and rob us of what rightfully belongs to us just because they know we can't be one
No. 54
Posted on Sun 21st Aug, 2011 15:32:53 GMT by David Onah

I hope Dr Levi gets 2 see these comments. Its a shame that NNPC couldn't organize th exams properly. The Level of corruption in tne NNPC is an issue that aught to be looked into alongside the standard of education he is talking about
No. 55
Posted on Sun 21st Aug, 2011 17:01:26 GMT by okechukwu

people should stop blaming others for their problems. i wrote the test in portharcourt and the exam did not end in the night. the entire exams was purely o-level, if you prepared well, the exam was a piece of cake. i can write that exam any day, any where, any time and still pass .by the way i passed and sincerely before God, i know no body, did not cheat and i still passed. Before you start crying foul, ask yourself; did i really take the time out to calculate time to solve one question? was i confused between similar answers and by so doing choose the wrong one? be sincere to your self did you really do well in the exams?and above all, do i really deserve the 2:1 i am carrying? If you tried once and dont succeed, instead of blaming any body just dust yourself, stand up and try again. God bless you.
No. 56
Posted on Mon 22nd Aug, 2011 09:01:31 GMT by Okeke vincent

Dats good, i'm not surprise, its bcos they allow only people with 2.1 to write d text not knowing that most people wit 2.2 are the ones has d brain!
No. 57
Posted on Mon 22nd Aug, 2011 09:21:44 GMT by Rowland

Why complain about people performance when the condition people wrote exam at Port Harcourt was horrible. The exam staretd after 5pm - most candiddates used there mobile phone to enable them write the exams, candidates were kept under the sun for over two hours for accreditation. The entire organisation of the exam at Port Harcourt centre was appalling.
No. 58
Posted on Mon 22nd Aug, 2011 12:12:12 GMT by gift

I don’t want to believe all this comments with wrong spellings and alarming use of tenses came from graduates. Please if you want to cry in public do so honorably, I wrote the test and failed, yes the condition was terrible but I should blame myself for not preparing for the exams. However, GPA should not be an issue here.
No. 59
Posted on Mon 22nd Aug, 2011 13:55:39 GMT by KEN

NNPC job is meant for who know man. first class or 2.1, Nigeria is a country where who is connected get the best job. Even in the so called Federal Ministry jobs, how many un-connected graduates are getting these jobs starting from the state level. The governors, senators, House of rep. and ministers all have their candidates. If these class of people can have their slot in our universities admission not to talk of the best job in the country. Is time for us to wake up to injustice in Nigeria. your first class, 2.1,2.2 or 3rd class cannot take you anywhere if God is not by your side. REMEMBER ANY GOVERNMENT JOB IS FOR THE RICH CLASS AND POLITICIANS. The NNPC BOSS should publish the result.
No. 60
Posted on Mon 22nd Aug, 2011 14:55:56 GMT by precious

I have read all comment,and i have one question to ask,is the 20% enough for the recruiment process to continue or not, if yes the GMD shouldnt have made such comment when he knows that a higher no. of Nigerians tend to misinterpret public statement, if the 20% is not adequate for the recruitment process to continue, then this statement should be made when cancelling the exercise.moreover in my view cancellation is already out of it because those successful have been called for the next stage (interview). I strongly dissagree with some of them who dont understand statement before commenting, most of them complaining would have done little or nothing more with a conducive environment because the stardard of their education didnt collapse at the venue of the test. though am not in any way supportive of the kind of services rendered by the consultant,its only tells us the only thing they were interested in is just to write irrespective of the environment and condition and am very sure that we had NNPC monitoring staff that could give written report for the ineficiencies observed at various test centres,with all these complain about writting at night and nothing was heard from NNPC till now, its absurd. Its true our standard of education has fallen seriously, but the problem still persist because we all complain but we dont take radical steps,we know its not about pulmping money to the sector, but uprooting the bad eggs in various educational institution that encourages the student and give them unmeritable result, secondly all graduate should be given an equal opprotunity in any recruitment process, if so,what criteria will an organisation like NNPC use in shortlisting for a test in future when they only need to recruit e.g 400 successful candidates Comment should be on the way forward and not cheap insult.
No. 61
Posted on Mon 22nd Aug, 2011 16:03:58 GMT by Biu

The various comments I have read confirms that the life is all about winners and losers. But for Nigeria the seeds of self-destruction are strong and threatening. For me someone in my organization ensured I did not get my NNPC invitation letter for the test. In they went a step further to fix a meaningless crucial meeting to dissuade people like me from coming. One thing I rejoice over is that the triumph of the wicked is short and the joy of the hypocrite is for a moment of time. God will still do it!!!
No. 62
Posted on Tue 23rd Aug, 2011 06:52:26 GMT by Pauline

The reason why we are bothered by his statement is because of the state of unemployment in our country. In an organised Country the 2.1s, the 2.2s, the 3rd classes, they all have places and are paid with similar salary scheme. NNPC did not provide a fair placing ground for the graduates cos if the Test was open in way that we all can see our performances, like using a computer that scores you immediately and with a pre-determined cut-off tells you if you passed or not, then.......
No. 63
Posted on Tue 23rd Aug, 2011 10:41:11 GMT by EVELYN

What nonsense!!! I schooled abroad and never have I done a test under such poor conditions!!!How won't 80% fail when some of us had to stand in the sun for hours on end, some of us had to take the test in the cafeteria with so much noise around us, the test did not start on time and there were so many freaking distractions...and you expect people to pass? That is damn near impossible. There is a reason for the term "conducive environment for examinations of any kind" for crissakes! Anyway I don't blame all these big ogas, they must blame somebody, sitting in their luxurious offices and homes, driving luxurious cars and eating Nigeria's oil money...why won't he blame the Nigerian education system ( which by the way is one of the best in the world aside from the bad lecturers, cultism etc). The test was so senseless and incoherent. The so called 20% that passed should be checked very well, I sense foul play. If 80% of people fail a test, something is terribly wrong somewhere. BULLSHIT!!!
No. 64
Posted on Tue 23rd Aug, 2011 15:21:18 GMT by Andetsiki Daniel

Mr GMD, please: 1, Investigate all these claims about poor organization and conduct of the NNPC recruitment process! 2, Carry out corrective actions 3, Reprimand the culprits 4, Appologise to the candidates and Nigerians I personally know Phillips Consulting (Mr. Faludu) so well, but how did they get themselves into this mess? They have been managing MTN recruitment exercise with great success, then why the floop with NNPC? Mr GMD, please implement the suggestions above. This is the only option available to restore the dignity of NNPC and we the staff, especially. Mr. Ambassador Onoja, thanks for your incisive analysis of the situations.
No. 65
Posted on Tue 23rd Aug, 2011 21:13:47 GMT by chioma

The failure is an indication of bad management and Nigerian factor applicable in such lucrative organisation.The NEW NIGERIAN VISION requires sincerity while dealing with people.Those who failed should take heart and be postive.Learn to prepare well for interviews.Believe in God for favour and cases as this are normal in our land.Our Nation needs urgent God's intervention.Is well with the righteous.Amen
No. 66
Posted on Wed 24th Aug, 2011 09:01:41 GMT by Chicky Chy

Hmmmmm, too many comments, too many reactions. *shaking my head*. Anyway, for some people to say that people with 2:1 bought their grades, thatz one thing I stand to criticize. Please, peeps, that you made a 2:2 or 3rd Class or even a pass shudnt push u to baseless conclusions cos of a little flaw that is obviously multi-faceted. I agree that 2:1 can be bought; at the same time, 2:2 and even 3rd class are also purchasable - YES. I find it very uncomfortable and childish that most people who made 2:2 and 3rd class stand on this forum to attack 2:1 graduates, instead of focusing on the real issue with the NNPC exam. Are you all saying that a whooping 80% failed that freaking test?? Gimme a break! cos failure is very relative. First of all, I would like Mr. Oniwon to tell us categorically, what "failure" connotes in this context cos it could mean that the cut-off was too high that it became unattainable. secondly, he may want to also give us the other selection criteria as they were used, instead of creating a conflict of thoughts with his assertion. Thirdly: Since some people feel that all First Class and 2:1 Graduates bought the grades, am tempted to ask why they didnt make any attempt to buy theirs as well, since the society now demands for higher grades. We should learn to adapt to our environment, u know. Please, Please, Please, if u cudnt make a First Class or a 2:1 for whatever reason, dont throw stones at those that did, however they did it. That will only amount to chasing shadow, instead of substance. And may I also quickly add that the reason I think NNPC and some other Establishments usually limit their criteria along the lines of age and degree is to curtail the influx of people.....imagine what would have happened on the day of the test if NNPC had allowed all Graduates of every age and degree to partake in the test...#think about it#. Infact, I foresee that in the near future, the standards will even move higher to Masters Degree, no longer First degree,be it First Class, 2:1, 2:2 or 3rd Class Above all, I Pray that God will all Grant us Good jobs, Amen. Thank you.
No. 67
Posted on Wed 24th Aug, 2011 10:13:33 GMT by BLESSING

let the government look into this issuue of prefrential treatment given to 2.1 students , they should allow every body either 2.1, 2.2, even third class and pass to have equal opportunity when it comes to job , they should not see those that graduate with GPA below 2.1 as failures . I was once a student , some lecturer's victimise students , some as a result uncondusive learning environment, and most especially some lecturer compel students to sorting all this affect students, but what am saying is that there should be no barrier between 2.1, 2.2 and 3rd class everybody should be given equal opportunity when it comes to job . Thanks
No. 68
Posted on Wed 24th Aug, 2011 15:54:39 GMT by IZUCHUKWU

i wrote the test,but still can't believe that i failed it.i know i could have done better in a more conducive condition and better preparation. in the sense that, the engineering part was O level physics which i left some years back
No. 69
Posted on Wed 24th Aug, 2011 17:33:22 GMT by Marcmoriz

Guys why d lament? Wat do u expect 4rm a sector dat is consider to b d most corupted 9ja.wen i saw d advert about d recruitment i laughed i said another scam or media hype. I never applyed bcos their is a limit to wat luck can do 4 u.4 does dat passed they wil stil drop them, ur papa na senator or minister,jonathan,or mark. who dash mokey bananna.jst imagin mr oniwon dat got to nnpc tru political apointment,my frnd fuck off God wil catch u 1day.
No. 70
Posted on Wed 24th Aug, 2011 17:34:22 GMT by Marcmoriz

Guys why d lament? Wat do u expect 4rm a sector dat is consider to b d most corupted 9ja.wen i saw d advert about d recruitment i laughed i said another scam or media hype. I never applyed bcos their is a limit to wat luck can do 4 u.4 does dat passed they wil stil drop them, ur papa na senator or minister,jonathan,or mark. who dash mokey bananna.jst imagin mr oniwon dat got to nnpc tru political apointment,my frnd fuck off God wil catch u 1day.
No. 71
Posted on Wed 24th Aug, 2011 17:54:58 GMT by Joseph Uwomano

I would rather say let's keep praying for this country! The entire system needs dvine intervention for sanity to be restored. It requires the synergy of us all- for i strongly believe we shall get there some day.
No. 72
Posted on Wed 24th Aug, 2011 17:55:01 GMT by Joseph Uwomano

I would rather say let's keep praying for this country! The entire system needs dvine intervention for sanity to be restored. It requires the synergy of us all- for i strongly believe we shall get there some day.
No. 73
Posted on Wed 24th Aug, 2011 20:59:16 GMT by sasha bone

to the "third class" students,we wld be grateful if u cld reserve ur comments about 2'1 candidates who dont merit their degree cos a third class student and one who "bought" a 2'1 degree are practically peas of the same pod.If u feel they had low IQ resulting in purchasing their degree,we really cant say much about ur legitimate and genuine "third class".....
No. 74
Posted on Wed 24th Aug, 2011 21:04:47 GMT by sasha bone

@chicky chy.... i actually commented before reading ur sentiments exactly...
No. 75
Posted on Thu 25th Aug, 2011 17:46:57 GMT by Paul

The GMD is a big liar and corrupt as well. How do you expect the 80% to pass, if I left my dear Taraba to Lagos for an aptitude test that ended up in a hoax as we were aware that the candidates were already selected months before the exams due to what you have and who you know. I know what I am worth even in Oxford. Big fool.
No. 76
Posted on Fri 26th Aug, 2011 11:43:47 GMT by OGUNLEKE R.I

Fellow Nigerians,it is high time we started sanitising our educational standard by discouraging favouratism,corruption and all sorts of political bigotary in our dear nation.Special centres should seize to operate and credibility should be encouraged.Let our leaders make Nigeria a habitable place for other developed nation to start envying.WASC of 1970s &1980s are better than BSc of Y2Ks.This is appalling! POLITICIANS,be sincere to us! Americans and Europeans are not so deceitful please.God save NIGERIA.
No. 77
Posted on Fri 26th Aug, 2011 13:57:57 GMT by INNOCENT O.O

why the complains about grades.Graduates with 3rd class should not pass their aggression on fellow graduates with a good degree cos u people missed out the opportunity given to you in school so,seal your lips.This 2.1 issue applies also in abroad not only 9ja.People with 2.1 worked hard for it so they deserve the previlege they are gettin now.I got a 2.1 and came out as one of the best student in my masters degree so whether 1.1 or 2.1,they are really good.u dont judge them cos their was 80% failure.We should remember that this is 9ja.ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN
No. 78
Posted on Sat 27th Aug, 2011 08:22:54 GMT by Browny

We all know what the order of the day is in terms of recruitment, no matter how small the job might be. I still believe in self employment. I will encourage all graduate to find an alternative to their joblessness and do something meaningful for themselves. I wrote that exam and believe u me the condition wasn't conducive but that didn't stop me from performing, but was surprise I never was called for interview. Thank God I have a job and business to keep me going. I wish all our Nigerian graduates well and hope that some day the Nigerian story will change for the better. LONG LIFE NIGERIA THE ONLY HOME I KNOW.
No. 79
Posted on Fri 02nd Sep, 2011 11:46:37 GMT by Olalekan

Results or no result, test or no test, let us all know that Nigerian Government has failed the youths of this nation and does not have any thing to offer other than for the privileged few to enjoy our God-given wealths. How many of those seeking for 2-1 or 1-1 candidates have these grades? Let the government of this country identify the available vacancies in public and private sectors and fix up the unemployed youths instead of wasting our precious time, money and energy for nothing. What is the job of the ministry of youths, labour, national planning, etc? Where are we going in this country? God, come to our aid.
No. 80
Posted on Sun 04th Sep, 2011 04:51:50 GMT by Oma

I think it's high time our leaders look at the WHOLE PICTURE, before jumping into conclusions. If the consulting group couldn't handle the crowd, they should have sort advice from JAMB officials and not fail in the process of administering exams in the first instance. Keeping potential candidates standing in the hot sun for over 6 hours before such exam is totally unacceptable. I personnally feel that even if 3rd class candidates were invited for such tests under these conditions, the results still wont have been better. Another observation I wish to bring forward to NNPC & Philips consulting - " the test subject categorization was terribly maginalized" Plssss do better research next time before coming up with mass test.
No. 81
Posted on Sun 04th Sep, 2011 09:27:19 GMT by Edmond C.Ben, Esq

With due respect Mr.MD, how many people did you give job through the back door? Or you think we don't know all this things? Over 80% failed. Is either you didn't conduct it well or you erred somewhere. If 80% failed that means you as the MD would have failed the same exam if you wrote it, being the NNPC MD does not make you to be more brillant than those who wrote the exam. As a matter of fact, you as the MD should be probe with immediate effect. You can now try the 2.2 or 3rd class candidates. I want to assure you that a lot of 3rd class candidates are far more better than you the MD. Nigerians we should wake up. Kind regards!
No. 82
Posted on Sun 04th Sep, 2011 09:57:09 GMT by Sam Emma

The issue here is not the high number of applicants that failed. But the way the aptitude test was conducted. I did mine in Lagos where we waited for hours before starting. The authority concerned should re-view the cut-off marks.
No. 83
Posted on Sun 04th Sep, 2011 10:04:29 GMT by Edmond C.Ben, Esq

Please I will appreciate if our comments be forward to the approprate authorities. I believe it will help them know their weakness and do the right thing than wasting our precious time commenting, at the end of the day no change. Please for it to the GMD NNPC for approprate corrections. I'm sure he erred. I'm saying this because the youths may not take the insults again if there is no improvement in all area of Government. Next action may be revolution! We may try that and see if it will be best because we need a better Nigeria. Kind regards!
No. 84
Posted on Tue 06th Sep, 2011 10:31:41 GMT by Maruff

I have followed all the comments and found out that our problems are multiple and that these multiple problems account for the mass failure by the supposed best gradutes we have in this country. One of the issues easily noticeable from the comments is that not all those that come out of the university with first class or second class upper, actually merit such grades. University lecturers are not immuned from the corruption killing this country. They need good cars like others to be able to move from their houses to the schools to teach but their salaries won't make that possible, they also need to send their children to good schools like politicians but their salaries won't be able to take the burden so they make up the gap by selling result to those that have the capacity to buy. While these lecturers are crying for basic salaries, politicians, some of whom only possess first school leaving certificate or NECO even at age 45, are collecting millions of Naira as furniture allowance and periodic millions as constituency allowances. Arguing from this angle will leave us with no conclusion than that the first class and second class upper failed because the Nation State has misplaced its priorities, placing politics above education. Thus children of politicians in schools make good resuls and poor performance because they have so much money that they are able to pay for good result from the poor lecturer's scorecard. Am sure that if we review the 20% that passed, we will see that most of them that had 2.1 may be children of poor parent who actually studied and obtained that grade, not just on paper but in cranal development while most of those that failed will be children of very rich parents. The second issue that come up is the conduct of the exxam by NNPC. Why were the candidates kept in the sun for too long before the exam started. Are we sure that of the 20% that passed, most of them are not children or wards of serving or retired NNPC personnel? Are we also sure that they are not related to big time politicians and that their names were not short-listed before the commencement of the recruitment excercise? Lets deal with the third issue. Most of the students that made 2.2 in school did not make such grade because they are not brilliant, grades may be dropped by just one lecturer that does not like the student and the fear of victimization will not allow the student to challange the score awarded by such lecturers. Ill-health may also affect a student's performance in a session, and depending on the number of compulsory courses, affect the CGPA. A solution: Let us allow all the second class and first class certificate holders to compete in a strictly formal examination environment, supervised by the recruiting agency and let the best compete in subsequent stages so that we do not allow the wickedness of a few lecturers in school to perpetually malign our children in the name of class of certificate. Its very disappointing. Where are the 2'1,2'2 without 3rd class. Most of ladies are slept with before they attains the grades..........We can't have good leader with all this injustice. I am a 2'1 product from UI and I have a friend that is better than me and graduated with 3rd class. Do i say, he knows nothing.....That how can want it.
No. 85
Posted on Sat 10th Sep, 2011 12:03:57 GMT by Adeyemi Oluwaseun

Well, irrespective of GP grade level, I tink everyone should be given equal chances in recruitment exercises. Peopl face diverse challenges while n school." certificate n Nigeria can't b used to judge d quality of a man's mind."
No. 86
Posted on Tue 13th Sep, 2011 21:02:29 GMT by Nasnil Gisloco

I wish to draw the attention of all those who say that 3rd class graduates are better than those who graduated with 2'1. If getting a 2'1 were that easy,I'm pretty sure you all who graduated with 3rd class degrees would have gotten that class of degree.I know a lot of people who graduated with 2'1,and they all did so based on merit. On the issue of 80% failing the NNPC test,I believe that we shouldn't rule out the fact that a lot of candidates weren't prepared. Some jobs require people that can function at a certain level,if NNPC believes that only 2'1 graduates can function at the level they require,then they may be making a mistake. Also the reason may also be that they can't afford to make adequate arrangements to cover every unemployed university graduate irrespective of class of degree.
No. 87
Posted on Wed 21st Sep, 2011 09:17:23 GMT by Ademola 'Jeda

@Barr n Adeola, u guys r funny! 3rd class lmao.bought 2 1 wth money? not for my skol anyway thou am nt ruling it out. we stayed under the Sun from 11am to 2pm here in Lagos n ard 4pm wen d test waa over my frd called me from PH that they neva start! i was among d 20% that passed b i dont knw any body. the interview was in Aug, i knw they r doctoring the list nw to put their candidates in. na them sabi!!!

No. 88
Posted on Tue 27th Sep, 2011 12:54:40 GMT by chukwunenye

the 20% na i.m.u candidates,so the other 80% should go and meet first lady for mago mago.mumu nnpc
No. 89
Posted on Thu 29th Sep, 2011 10:37:54 GMT by Kp45

And maybe those 20% have their own special centre or they brought letter of recommendation from top officials. like a friend of my who sat for the exam during the interview, he said he saw is mate giving a letter to one of the interviewer and wen he saw the letter and refuse asking him question. Now tell me were are we heading to?
No. 90
Posted on Thu 29th Sep, 2011 11:15:54 GMT by kp45

Those so called NNPC staff who are due for retirement what are they still waiting for and those in top position the day they join the company which qualification did they use? U find out that some of them use all this O'level or ND certificate. See anything concerning test/interview or what so ever shud be made open all either 1st degree,2 1, 2 2,3rd and even lower crdt. But even if all these things were possible will they not still have their own candidate? Nigerian Graduate are not fools o............
No. 91
Posted on Sun 16th Oct, 2011 11:45:21 GMT by sara ralph

i think equal opportunity should be given to all university graduates irrespective of grades. It is obvious that certificates today are questionable and those with the good grades can't prove themselves but who knows what someone with the so called bad grade can do. We all agree that our education system is bad therefore i recommend that employers should look for the best hands themselves irrespective of grade obtained from school.
No. 92
Posted on Sun 16th Oct, 2011 19:34:19 GMT by gabrielobojeghren

even if nnpc like they should conduct another test there will still b complains so i urge them to go on with what they have at hand.give letters to does that were successful in the interview.
No. 93
Posted on Mon 17th Oct, 2011 08:04:10 GMT by L . p .o

The object of the NNPC test organized by Philip Consult was to provide an avenue for them to perpetuate their fraud, hence the mass failure.The mass failure was planned and well executed by NNPC and Philip Consult to fulfill their selfish,fraudulent intentions and to ridicule the nigerian scholars(job seekers) and tertiary institutions.It is unfortunate that the GMD, NNPC and Philip Consult are trying to conceal their corrupt intentions by blackmail our Scholars(awardees) and tertiary institutions(awarders)with a well planned mass failure. Holders of first class and second class degrees are not magicians.I partook in the NNPC/PHILIP CONSULT test of 26/3/2011 in ICE Benin city. Accreditation and test was scheduled to commence 11am and 1.30am respectively. But by 4pm accreditation was not yet done with let alone to commencement the test.The test centre was under equipped with both materials and human resource to handle the test.Available human resource were confused of the crowd they saw and disorganized.I took my test on football field following in adequacy of classrooms,some others on the walkway and corridor e.t.c. Text questions was delivered to centre by a GOD IS GOOD BUS between 4pm and 5pm,immediately examiners received and distributed questions.No sooner we started the test it was dusk,no electricity,no lanterns or candles,those with handsets with torch-lights were forced to use them even when we were asked to put out our handsets at commencement,the absences of light threw the centre into disarray, examiners had no option than to collect our test papers even when we are yet to use half the 1.30mins earmarked for 120 questions.Trying to reach a couple of friends that wrote in other centre nation wide after the test, same was the case.So those discrediting our 1st class and 2.1 graduate should be better informed,they wouldn't have done better under same condition as evident in the previous when in college.It was ploy by GMD,NNPC, and Philip Consult to dehumanize we that wrote the test.IT A SHAME TO NNPC AND PHILIP CONSULT.
No. 94
Posted on Wed 19th Oct, 2011 11:26:45 GMT by Adah .A. Ogabor

First of all i will like to thank the GMD nnpc Mr Austen Oniwon and all the staff of nnpc.We all know it is not always easy to conduct such exams.NNPC can not be compared to WAEC or JAMB when it comes to exam issuses.I believe NNPC will improve in subsequent time.I also want to make it clear to most people that are saying that NNPC has already selected the people that they wanted to employ is false.I wrote the exams as well and i dont know anybody but i was shortlisted.Im i also Oniwons cousin?We should face realities.The exams was very simple.We urge NNPC to improve in future but in general,they tried.Long live NNPC,Long live Oniwon & long live Nigeria in general.God bless the entire nnpc staff.
No. 95
Posted on Wed 19th Oct, 2011 11:38:38 GMT by Adah.A.Ogabor

I almost forgot to mention that i knew over TEN(10) people(School mate from Petroleum Training Institute)that sat for the test & they were invited for interview.They dont know anybody as well but we were prepared for the cheap exam.I want to advice that people should prepare well & they will see themselves been invited next time.NNPC is not as corrupt as people are painting it to be.I wrote my exams in the Towers & it was well organised.Its just that we did not started on time & thats all.
No. 96
Posted on Fri 04th Nov, 2011 12:26:16 GMT by Chika

Adah A Ogabor congrats on passing the test but i think u r trying to call all those shouting foul fools what do u mean by saying that nnpc tried they did not. if they dont know how to conduct an exam they should consult it out which they did but they should also research into conducting examinations. how can u invite so many n yet very few centres to accommodate all those invited? U and ur petroleum friends happen to be the only ones that wrote in a very conducive environment.
No. 97
Posted on Mon 07th Nov, 2011 15:56:52 GMT by ALICE ENUWA ADOYI

No. 98
Posted on Mon 21st Nov, 2011 10:22:30 GMT by Richard Silas

So the 20% that passed will get the job or will the job go to the children of the elites who didn't bother to write the test. I wrote the test in port harcourt with my handset light, i passed and had my interview in july. up to today november, we have not been re-embursed our transport allowances as promised. These are signs of thnigs to come. I know I did well in my interview too but will i get to hear from you. Only God knows as I have not contacted any one in aso rock to plead my case.
No. 99
Posted on Fri 02nd Dec, 2011 10:28:17 GMT by odanwu ochogwu

it is well,all the comments posted are true.i wrote the exams in march at borokiri, portharcourt and i knew what i passed through. oga gmd,it is good that you can make such statement about our educational for me i worked hard through out my undergraduate days.i never had a carryover all thru my years in school, my school can testify to i said ,it is well.what is mine ,is one can take it from me
No. 100
Posted on Tue 17th Jan, 2012 12:26:28 GMT by Eby

hmmm na wa o

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