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Why is Copying Job Adverts Free, and Asking JobSeekers to Pay Money?

Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 - --- (137 comments)

It is not a hidden thing that 95% of Nigerian Job Adverts you see on other jobsites and forums are copied from We post the jobs while others copy. But we are not bothered, we are bothered only when some websites like copy our job adverts free, remove the application details and ask JobSeekers to pay money to apply. has over 4 times our staff strength with millions of investor's funds at their disposal. has only 13 staff with enough funds keeping her afloat.

We are crying out loud because is cheating us. They are copying all our job adverts with impunity. They have the staff strength and financial capacity to source for job adverts the way we are sourcing for our own adverts, instead they are depending on us to supply them the job adverts without any gainful return.

We release our job adverts in the morning, by evening all our job adverts are in the database. We decided to be hiding a phrase "Copied from:" in some of our job adverts. When copy's our job adverts, they always remove the phrase but in some rare cases they are blind in removing it, and we hold it as evidence.

See the evidence below:

We have over 200 of these links with Copied from: but we are just releasing a dozen links.

Note: When you open the link, look carefully for Copied:

Update: Expectedly, has removed the evidence in their pages, but we captured the screen images of the pages before we published this post. See them below:

1.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

2.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

3.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

4.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

5.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

6.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

7.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

8.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

9.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

10.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

11.) Click here  to view the screen captured image of:

12.) Click here to view the screen captured image of:

Some will ask, why is not hiding her job application details. It is our policy to publish and make every job application detail free.  So that JobSeekers will have the power to apply and know who and where they are applying to, instead of hiding the details and applying on their behalf.  What if the application did not go through, just like the recent Aero Contractors Airline Recruitment which the email was not going, how will a Job Seeker know that his/her application at the Job Board was not through or entered spam folder, and whole lot of other cases.  Sometimes, we publish job adverts from reputable companies with free email services like Yahoo, Gmail, etc as the application email, some applicants will call the job adverts Scam Advert, but if we hide the details, how will they know the email they are applying to.

We at want to make it clear that we are not against subscription services, because it is their strategy to sustain their businesss, but we are against copying our Job adverts free, removing the application details and collecting subscription on the adverts, it is anti-competition and we also feel sabotaged.  Infact, did what a good number of Jobsites lacked courage to do. All over the world, employers pay to advertise jobs and even pay head-hunters for providing skilled workers to them, but in Nigeria has turned it the other way round and it is working for them, so they most be wizards to pull that out.

Definitely, I know will remove our evidence from their database once they read this post. So, if you confirm it, just indicate in the comment below.

Editor's Note: I want to make one thing clear, we did not publish this post to blackmail or malign is copying our job adverts in such a way that suggested they are out to sabotage and undermine our efforts, how can you on a daily basis copy all our job adverts from A to Z while you locked-up your own job adverts, nobody copy's you.  To us it is anti-competition. To show we are not out to blackmail, this post has not seen our Front Page and we have not sent it to any online news blogs or main stream media houses, we only sent it to our mailing list. We only want Jobberman to play the game fairly (Jobberman has the capacity to do their business in a fair manner). They know what they are doing is wrong, and we expected them to do the needful by apologising to us and promise not to copy us again (Damage Control) so that we take-down this post and let the sleeping dog lie.  They should take  a cue from other bigger companies around the world that had been in a similar situation and how they handled such issues. If we don't hear from them, by next week, we are going to escalate this issue to the main steam media and make it a national issue. I know it will be diasasterous to their image and reputation, and we don't want to do it.  Even though has deleted our evidence from their database, we have Google Cache images and text of the pages, and a lot of other evidence.

Many commenters want us to sue but for now we don't have such intention because we consider it as a distraction to our business. hide their application details, making it difficult for other jobsites to copy them, so they should not copy others.  Even copying their Job Summaries is an issue as you can see from these posts:

Jobberman To Third Party Sites: "Stop Pulling Our Jobs Or We’ll Block You!"

About 54% Do Not Support Jobberman Blocking Njorku [SURVEY]

Well, I rest my case.


Comments (137)

No. 1
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:33:18 GMT by Olamide

Im glad this is coming up now. I asked one of their rep the same question at the e-centre in Yaba yesterday. I think it's just a 'business strategy'. At least I was able to get a CV review from them for free. lol
No. 2
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:33:20 GMT by Ace

Its true sha. You shouldn't have put up the evidence like this without making a filable one. I think you should sue them
No. 3
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:34:13 GMT by segun

Hahaha, caught in the act. I can see it perfectly
No. 4
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:38:09 GMT by mary

Its so true, jobberman is jst extorting money from job seeker from stolen job adverts. You guys should keep doing what u do. We appreciate your good work hotnigerianjobs
No. 5
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:40:28 GMT by Bakare s.f

Kudos to you are the best don't mind thieves blogger jobs site, their imitate your work, ole, ole, ole
No. 6
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:45:38 GMT by jimi

Don't mind Jobberman. They are thieves. Exploiting graduates with no job to subscribe to their stupid premium package, yet they copy from a free website. You guys need to take legal action against them. Jobberman have so many sponsors like beatfm and oda companies, so why still exploit jobless Nigerians like us. Something needs to be done quick
No. 7
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:46:39 GMT by pjh

Seriously,jobberman should find some other avenue 2 make profit if thats their major reason for posting job vacancies.And pilfering job listings from other sites is sooooo lame!Y stoop so low?Come on jobberman!!*rolls eyes*Personally,I have never been tempted 2 snd any money to them.I do not have to be a 'premium' anything to get a job.And this goes 2 say dat how are we even sure that they actually really submit candidates applications?Hotnigerianjobs,more grease to Ur elbows and God bless U for the great job Ʊ R doing!I know lots of pple dat have gotten jobs and landed interviews,bcos of Ur site.That's much more than I can say for other 'so called' job sites.
No. 8
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:53:35 GMT by Adaraloye

what nonsense!!!
Jobberman is damn crazy... with all d sponsors they have why are they exploiting the Nigerian graduates.
No. 9
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:54:04 GMT by oyin
No. 10
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:56:30 GMT by Ben

Ha! This is daylight robbery. Please sue them to court and force them to stop extorting job seekers for nothing.
No. 11
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 06:56:56 GMT by Pope

Your evidence is clear,you have the right to sue I wonder y extort money from job seekers to apply for jobs which is not even a guarantee that one will get the job.Y take former Imo State govt to Court while this is happening to desperate job seekers.Some of these ppl don't have a means of livelihood and u task them to pay for job you copied free from put it to you that if ur fact is clear as evident here,we should be hearing the court case in the media.Enough is Enough for extorttion of Job seekers.
No. 12
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:01:10 GMT by time

Not surprise @ this and Hotjobs responce to it is a little too late so my advice is to take action think of something.
No. 13
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:03:16 GMT by Bryte

I've never been comfortable with their charge on job seekers, while they say employers advertize for free. It made me wonder where they get their funds from. This goes to show that employers don't come to them, but they go ahead to fleece job seekers. Plain wickedness bordered on criminality. It's about time job seekers wise up to such facts and stand against it. I would willingly support and append my signature to any petition against such act. Jobberman indeed! Jobbing Nigerian job seekers.
No. 14
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:03:40 GMT by Oluwatonia

Maximum robbery...Haba, Jobberman should be shot!
No. 15
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:09:26 GMT by Ajala

i cant beleive what i saw when i followed the links......... God, you people are really work and some people just sit to collect money. It is only God that can BLESS YOU. if i say one thing, My OGA at the TOP (GOD) will certified it. Be rest assured that truely we are not paying you but God will consider the assistance and Good Job you are rendering to Millions of Nigerians and Non Nigerians to Elevate Beyound you Expectation. It is Good you show us this.........and we will preach the Gospel to anyone who can hear or/and read. Once again Thank YOU

I think if you Like Hotnigeriajobs you should try and share this page
No. 16
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:12:17 GMT by martins

I think jobberman careless about nigerians seeking jobs. All the care about is money. I don't even use them anymore. Anyway, why should I pay for stolen job adverts other sites are displaying for free. Just plain heartless. Keep the good work up guy and also add a donate button for those who want to apprieciate your good work. Just a though sha
No. 17
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:14:39 GMT by Chinedu

You just opened my eyes. That is very bad of them, after collecting money from poor graduate.
No. 18
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:15:33 GMT by Chinedu

You just opened my eyes. That is very bad of them, after collecting money from poor graduate.
No. 19
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:17:37 GMT by Olajide

For one, I've wondered why a job website will have to ask people to pay to view jobs or apply. What they don't know or what people who pay them don't know is that these postings are free to apply when you copy the job out and re-search on google. More so, get the company name and google it out. Some of them have places where you can apply on their website without asking you to pay for it.

Jobberman has never been an option for me and will never will.

To hotnigerianjobs, this isn't just a matter you throw out in the open. FILE A SUIT against them! At least you guys do your work and I believe their is some copyright. Its time you make all the money they've made from copying from here back from them! Angry words of an unemployed graduate!
No. 20
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:23:17 GMT by saintdeby

plz sue robberman
No. 21
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:24:49 GMT by sonia

i have always had confidence in
i always knew they were authentic.
No. 22
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:26:43 GMT by saintdeby

plz sue robberman
No. 23
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:27:07 GMT by Opeyemi

I was wondering too oh. There was a particular vacancy I assessed on hotnigerianjobs for free. I think it was Unilever. After a day jobberman nw sent it to me thru their alert but stated tht I can only view the coy if I'm a paid subscriber.

But I think tht was my first time so they gave me a free access. I was surprised to see the Unilever vancancy I had seen on hotnigerianjobs about 24 hrs earlier.

I was just like....see ds people oh forming smart.
No. 24
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:28:22 GMT by AB

They haven't done well at all! Have always doubt jobberman efficiency esp as they don't reveal company names, I initially thought it was all I see that some are fake, some are copied (stolen). Reason this, some company don't receive CV, they demand you fill online application form, jobberman will never take you to their site! So where are the CVs going??! Hotnigerianjobs should pls do sth!
No. 25
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:31:23 GMT by Vivian

Hotnigerianjobs, I feel your pain. However, we should never allow sentiments becould our thinking and the actions we take thereafter. The rationel for this reasoning is due to my knowledge in legal issues such as this. If your claim is not well substantiated you could be liable for libel both in criminal and civil law. I therefore suggest that if you feel aggrieved, you should do the right thing by laying a complaint at special fraud unit (a unit of the Nigerian Police force) or file a suit on grounds of infringement on intellectual property. I love what you guys do and I therefore would not want to see your Company go down. I speak as a Legal Practitioner and friend.
No. 26
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:32:18 GMT by KK

Lol @ robberman! Yes indeed they are broad daylight robbers. Stealing from hotnigerianjobs in d day and publishing @ night. Its such a shame to think that jobberman with all its resources and strengths would stoop so low. I have never been their fan anyways. Kudo's hotnigerianjobs. I have personally gone for two interviews just applying from your site. Keep the good work.
No. 27
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:33:53 GMT by Sarah

Now this isn't fair at all and to think that it was yesterday that I actually downloaded Jobberman from my Apps world. After registring and all that, I tried applying for a particular job and it seems not to be going whereas they displayed numbers you can call to may be make a better inquiry about the job you wanna apply for. Hmmm thought this sites are there to help us get this jobs and we apply for free... Instead exploitation. Nawa for nija sha. *smh
No. 28
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:35:54 GMT by okeke paul

Red handed!!! Is there any provision in Nigerian legal system that will make Jobberman pay for the sin? If there is, please do spare them
No. 29
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:36:06 GMT by Clement

Honestly, I paid Jobberman to write a CV for me and til this minute, I have not been called by them applying through their own website for jobs I don't no nothing about the company. They hide the company's name from job seekers.. This to me is Crazy and I have ignored every advert from them because they look like shit to me now........Thank you for your good work and labour. Sue them and make your money back!!! God bless.
No. 30
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:40:28 GMT by okeke p

Red handed!!! Is there any provision in Nigerian legal system that will make Jobberman pay for the sin? If there is, please do not spare them
No. 31
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:41:01 GMT by abbeyaddex

that's very bad of, my God in heaven will reward you our dear
No. 32
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:42:28 GMT by Fade

That's unfair, I give God glory for the fact that I've never subscribed to Jobberman Shit. I've always been with hotnigerian jobs ท I'm grateful to you guys, God will take you from strength to strength. One of those days I saw a post on another site ท it was evident the post was copied from hotnigerian jobs. It is well.
No. 33
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:44:03 GMT by Deniyi

I dont know what is wrong with they sent me one link for me to have my CV review the next thing I saw was a bill of =N=13500 just to edit a CV which my boss did for me free within five minutes ......Personally I dont bliv in paying for Job search bcos to me there is no guarantee that one will eventually get the Job Just Sue them( they have extort people enof so now should be the pay back time .....or why would ask someone has no job to pay for service that they themselves not sure about
No. 34
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:51:37 GMT by simon

I know that is their way. You should keep cached copies of those web pages to use as evidence. Thanks for your own job.
No. 35
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 07:59:39 GMT by Gina

Never liked them. Just as d name implies... Robberman, extorting job seekers for job adverts that were copied. May God punish them all in that Robberman, sure, they hv removed everything,the links A̶̲̥̅®ε̲̣̣̣̥ no longer relevant but its quite convincing. Maybe they were about τ̅☺ copy todays posts then stumbled into this...hahaaa! Wonders WȊ̝̊̅ℓℓ never cease, with all their financial and human capital strength yet they A̶̲̥̅®ε̲̣̣̣̥ not contented. God has exposed them...pls lets copy this link and post on fb, bbm, whats app, g+ and wot have you, τ̅☺ everyone weda job seeker or not so that we can expose them the more. As for Hotnigerianjobs...what can i say other than May God Almighty continue τ̅☺ strenthen and bless you guys in all ramification, you guys A̶̲̥̅®ε̲̣̣̣̥ good that's why Robberman WȊ̝̊̅ℓℓ continue τ̅☺ copy you. You guys i agree A̶̲̥̅®ε̲̣̣̣̥ second as you said but τ̅☺ A̶̲̥̅®ε̲̣̣̣̥ second τ̅☺ NONE!
No. 36
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:00:57 GMT by mike

its true ooooo, jobberman are thieves ooo, u can imagine asking jobbless grads, to pay as high as 5k for job alerts, and still this mails mostly dont go thru... jobberman your days here are numbered oo, thanks to the likes of hotnigerian jobs, and punch newspaper now am gainfully employed working well..
No. 37
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:02:37 GMT by tolulope

Can't believe I have to actually subscribe with money before I can apply for a job I don't know if I am gonna get yet! Haba, Mr jobberman...its called extortion! Can't apply on your website o except peeps who are desperate sha! I have always loved and I don't mind putting them on the internet each time I am asked how I got to know about the job. Kudos!
No. 38
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:06:17 GMT by Ola

Jobberman is scam..i will NEVER pay for their subscriptions and they loose traffic everyday...employers are to pay for posting jobs and not the other way round !
No. 39
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:07:37 GMT by samuel Chidozie

I noticed this a long time ago...thes guys from Jobberman just copy the job adverts without editing it word for word, then remove the company details and asked us to pay or become premiun members before we can view them...I think should sue them to court cause its a copy right violation...I always rely on for superior job alerts is just a distraction.
No. 40
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:11:00 GMT by Williams Anthony Dare

It is so unfortunate that the so called fraudsters may not even be a graduate.You can imagine this intellectual parasite robing Nigerian graduates of their money.I think this issue must be dealt with seriously.EFCC should come to the aid of Nigerian graduates as there are still many of them out there.
No. 41
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:21:13 GMT by Coker

No. 42
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:25:48 GMT by Universe Careers

Jobberman should respond to this allegations. Hotnigerian jobs should have taken screenshots as evidence s the links are now gone.

Universe Careers used to link RSS from different jobboards but our focus has changed to getting the jobs directly from employers. We are not charging anyone just like Hotnigerian jobs.

No. 43
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:31:46 GMT by Essy

I stopped using Jobberman a long time ago. I don't like that kinda site anyway and will never pay for their useless service.
No. 44
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:53:17 GMT by delonix

u guys shld keep what u r doing we r appreciate ur efforts in posting job adverts free.take legal action against jobberman cos d r exploiting job seekers with adverts copied from hotnigerianjobs.
No. 45
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:54:31 GMT by Dr

I don't want to say one thing and my oga at the top say another,but am sure that jobberman'Robber-man' are not worth site to be checking...
No. 46
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 08:57:14 GMT by Ben

I think you should do the right thing by suing them to court. Thats all.
No. 47
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 09:05:56 GMT by josh

Thank God this has finally come up. i ve asked myself several time what special thing does jobberman offers that made them demand for payment before you can apply for any of their job advert. it's really alarming and someone should please pick it up. how can u ask job seekers to pay before they apply for job when there is no guarantee that they will be call for test or interview not to even talk about getting the job. You people should please pick it up. An end should be put to them.
No. 48
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 09:08:47 GMT by Isaac

It shall NOT be well with the founder of Jobberman..can i hear a big AMEN in the house?

HotNigerianJobs..kudos to you guys!.. You Rock!
No. 49
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 09:13:27 GMT by chris

what you guys said it's true cos i have seen where jobberman or should i say job men copy ya jobs advert and then ask us to upgrade to premium.
No. 50
Posted on Thu 04th Apr, 2013 09:23:12 GMT by Damian

@ Hotnigerianjobs, i really salute ur efforts in trying to help the unemploye in Nigeria free of charge. I will advise you get a lawyer and sue Jobberman for this copyright infringement. Jobberman copy your averts from your website. Your website is your own copyright/Trademark. If i is not a regsitered Trademark yet, i will advise yu register it so that no one will be able to copy anything from your website without yur permission. This will allow you to sue them in case of breach. Welldone guys

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